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Cirius users achieve ROI in just a few months and continue to have successful revenue cycles over decades.
We did it! We collected $44M over our cash goal for FY 19 including hitting our cash goal for a straight 12 months and collecting an all-time high for Physician Billing. Everyone has done an amazing job and FY 20 is even going to be better. Thank you again for everything.
El Camino Health
Cirius is so effective that close to 50% of the billing staff has been reallocated and production quality has significantly increased; over 99% of claims are accepted on the first submission and denials are less than 1% across all payers - the UB04 claims are extremely clean and free of errors.
Healthcare Denial Management
With Cirius we submitted clean claims with only a 1% to 2% rejection rate at the payers. The staff is happy, Billers are touching 12% - 19% of daily claims (This includes Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Claims). I can’t say enough about the Cirius Group. Best product on the market. I have been in the A/R management arena for almost 30 years and this product works.
Claim Denial Management A/R management
Jackson Hospital

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