Billers are Amazing

But sometimes they need help producing clean claims. That's where we come in.



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Automate Claim Editing

Increase Productivity

Billing staff struggle with producing clean claims that get paid by the payers. The shear volume of manual work can be overwhelming. Common issues biller's need help with are:

  • Different payer rules
  • Identifying claim errors
  • Preventing denials
  • Prioritizing work

After implementing Cirius automated editing solution, providers experience:

  • Improved employee productivity and efficiency
  • Able to re-allocate billing staff
  • Little to no additional staff is needed for increased claim volume or adding new facilities

Large and complex claim volume organizations have maximized the power of automation while utilizing minimal staff with Prebill Manager. See what Cirius users are saying by clicking the link below.


Provider Testimonials

See what Cirius users have to say about our solutions and their results!

Provider Testimonials