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With Cirius we submit clean claims with only a 1% to 2% rejection rate at the payers. The staff is happy, billers are touching 12% - 19% of daily claims (this includes Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Claims). I can’t say enough about the Cirius Group. Best product on the market. I have been in the A/R management arena for almost 30 years and this product works.
Revenue Cycle | Claims | Denials
Jackson Hospital
Cirius is so effective that close to 50% of the billing staff has been reallocated and production quality has significantly increased; over 99% of claims are accepted on the first submission and denials are less than 1% across all payers - the UB04 claims are extremely clean and free of errors.
Revenue Cycle | Denials | Claims
We did it! We collected $44M over our cash goal for FY 19 including hitting our cash goal for a straight 12 months and collecting an all-time high for Physician Billing. Everyone has done an amazing job and FY 20 is even going to be better. Thank you again for everything.
Revenue Cycle | Denials | Claims
El Camino Health

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