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Client trusted, Prebill Manager identifies all claim errors pre-submission and can automate the necessary corrections before the claim is sent to payers; not only does this increase claim accuracy, but it lessens the workloads of existing billing teams and allows them to focus on more value-additive work. Clients see an immediate increase in cash flow, alongside a significant reduction in A/R days. All work is clearly delineated through workflow lists that are easy for staff to use, with granular claim data displayed through dashboard reporting.

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Remittance Manager

More than a 835 translator, Remittance Manager is a business intelligence software solution designed to simplify the complexities of electronic remittance advices, cash posting, and denial management. Remittance Manager systematically reconciles and balances hospital ERAs to bank deposits, and posts transactions back to any patient accounting or EMR system. It provides the crucial payment information and analytics Revenue Cycle Leadership needs.

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Reimbursement Manager

Accuracy Matters! Reimbursement Manager uses the same fully edited claims sent to the payers by Prebill Manager, and the specific terms of the client’s managed care contracts or Medicare rate information to calculate expected reimbursement.  Upon processing of the payer’s electronic remittance advice, Reimbursement Manager compares the calculation of expected reimbursement to the actual payment returned in the payer’s remittance, identifying both under payments and over payments.

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