Our Story

Cirius Group, Inc. has developed high value revenue cycle software solutions since 1984. Our founders focused on designing solutions that improve critical healthcare business processes, and that continues to be our focus today.

Our Promise

Intuitive software that is accurate and easy to use. A comprehensive and flexible consulting process. Complete support from a team of healthcare experts with years of experience.

Our People

Knowledgeable and caring people that never forget that the business of healthcare is complex and highly sensitive, but ultimately about keeping communities and families healthy.

Our mission: to enable Healthcare Providers to get the most out of their Revenue Cycle.

 Getting the most out of the revenue cycle means getting claims out quicker, cleaner, at a lower overall cost footprint, and most importantly getting those claims paid at the fastest and highest pay rate possible. 
Cirius Group | Closer than you think.

Responsive & Experienced.

A dedicated support team of knowledgeable people with years of experience. They quickly resolve any issues using a preemptive support process. Errors are automatically logged and corrected, often without the client being aware there was a problem.

  • Right People
  • Right Processes
  • Right Technologies

UPMC was looking for a vendor with flexibility and customization as well as a partner whose strategy was inline with their strategic objectives. UPMC has partnered with Cirius for 15+ Years, through 10 Hospital Integrations, and 4 accounting systems

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Providers
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