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    Our story begins in the 1980's when our founder was working in healthcare. He saw firsthand how the manually intensive billing process created stress for employees and cash flow issues for the organization. He thought, "There must be a better way!" There was!  And the Cirius Group was born.

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  • Solutions

    Through 35 years of continual innovation, the Cirius Group has created powerful technology that providers trust to consistently produce the financial results they need and can rely on. Technologies that minimize manual work, maximize the benefits from automation, and enable providers to become the biggest financial powerhouses in the nation.



  • Direct EDI Submission

    Our relationship with many major payers allows us to facilitate a direct connection from providers to payers, allowing our partners to bypass clearinghouses whenever possible. The appropriate payers receive claims quickly, so providers see faster cash collections, lower A/R days, and eliminate clearinghouse problems such as sitting, lost, missing, or misdirected claims.

    Direct EDI

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  • Case Studies

    See why providers choose Cirius for DECADES. Taking Revenue Cycle's higher, farther faster. UPMC: U. S. News "Honor Roll" Hospital System and ranked # 194 on the Fortune 500 list.

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  • Provider Testimonials

    Providers choose Cirius for decades because of the results they achieve and the support they receive from us. But don't take our word for it - read what our partners have to say about using our solutions, working with our people, and the results they've achieved.

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    Companies can claim anything, but the long-term business relationships attest the true value that a vendor brings to a healthcare organization - they vote by renewing year after year!

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    Cirius Group is going virtual, contact us directly for information about upcoming virtual events.



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