Our Story

The Cirius Group, Inc. is a specialized software developer of patient accounting/financial systems for healthcare providers.  Cirius is dedicated to producing highly configurable, compliant software applications that function individually and offer unique advantages when integrated with our other products.

The Cirius Group, Inc. was started in 1984 and incorporated in the state of California in 1987 by Paul Bartlett, President and Bernard Arghiere, Vice President, with the express purpose of developing, marketing and supporting healthcare IT software applications with specific financial purposes.

Cirius is a privately held company, headquartered in Pleasant Hill, California.  Cirius began corporate life by developing the Acculog inpatient application for calculating Medicare DRG based expected reimbursement.  As the Acculog product evolved, Cirius incorporated electronic remittance advice (ERA) processing, installing the initial ERA processing application in 1989.

Recognizing that an accurate calculation of expected reimbursement was dependent on a “clean” claim, Cirius developed the claim editing applications, Prebill and Accubill.  The first hospital installations of Prebill occurred in early 1993 and with the advent of electronic data interchange; (EDI) Cirius developed the Accubill application with the ability to transmit electronic claims directly from provider sites to payers that same year 1993.

Our overriding business principle is to partner in the success of our customers by delivering the highest quality products, and to back our products with the industry’s most complete Service and Support.  This commitment to customer success is unsurpassed and has contributed to a reputation, woven with the personal integrity of every Cirius employee.

Our products are the result of more than thirty years of software development by professionals with a unique combination of healthcare business knowledge and expert software engineering skills. Our sophisticated customer support infrastructure provides Internet support logging and paging as well as offering classroom training and on-site technical account management.  Tried, tested, and proven, Cirius is committed to delivering system features that allow the highest degree of system automation, performance monitoring and local control of system functions.

Our Leadership Team

Paul Bartlett

Founder and President

As a founder of Cirius Group, Inc. (1984), Paul brings both a great creative vision and outstanding application development experience.  His mission is to build exceptional software solutions that keep Cirius’ customers at their peak production. Paul graduated in 1981 Magna Cum Laude with a B. S. in Business Administration and Economics. He is well versed in all areas of our business.  His special talent is the awesome combination of two important elements, a great creative vision together with outstanding application development skills. 

 Bernard Arghiere

Co-Founder and Vice President

Bernard brings 20 years of healthcare financial consulting and planning to the Cirius Group, with an emphasis on Medicare, Medicaid and third-party reimbursement for hospital providers. He graduated from Loyola University with a degree in Accounting and Finance.  Bernard understands the importance to hospital operations of prompt, accurate and successful revenue collection from all payors, and that has become a central objective for the Cirius Group’s software.  He now lives with his family in North Carolina.

Greg Delucchi

Partner and Lead Software Developer

Greg is responsible for developing and supporting Cirius Group, Inc's software products over the last 20 years. He achieved a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering from UC Davis in 1991. Even as a student, Greg was involved with healthcare in providing programming for a medical clinic in his hometown of Stockton, California. Greg's family includes three charming daughters and one son with close family ties in the central valley. 

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