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Since 1984 our company has had continual innovation. The Cirius Group has created powerful technology that providers trust to consistently produce the financial results they need and can rely on. Technologies that minimize manual work, maximize the benefits from automation, and enable providers to become the biggest financial powerhouses in the nation.

Always ahead of the curve, providers trust Cirius to guide them through the evolving and ever-changing healthcare landscape. We strive tirelessly to keep our partner providers financial performance strong in the midst of the challenging payer requirements. Organizations choose Cirius because of our highly customizable technology, the financial results they achieve, and the excellent service they receive from our highly dedicated team.



A prerequisite for a solution partner should be an organization that is experienced, understands the healthcare and payer industry, and is knowledgeable about key provider challenges. Cirius consultants, coders, and compliance experts have decades of industry experience and the practical hands-on work experience.  We understand the complexities of provider environments and payer requirements.

Cirius consultants take an active interest in our partners performance and consistently search for ways to add value. We believe it is important to ensure organizations receive maximum benefit from our solutions so our experts recommend tried, tested, and proven workflow improvements and customizations that drive performance.

The expertise needed to achieve a robust, top-performing revenue cycle is not always easy to find. For any provider that is tired of struggling with high denial rates, costly manual processes, or a mediocre vendor that can't help you improve or reach financial goals, we have just one question for you: are you ready to get Cirius about your revenue cycle? Our expert consultants and implementation team will be the driving force behind your new initiative and your personal advocates for continual improvement for years to come.


Are you ready to get Cirius about your revenue cycle?




Prebill Manager™

Prebill Manager™ is a powerful and accurate claim scrubber, automated claim editing, and workflow optimization solution that gives your team the power and flexibility to create custom automated corrective edits that have immediate application to claim production. The possibilities are literally endless. Integrates with all HIS/EHR/EMR systems.


Automate Claim Editing

Identify all claim errors and automate the necessary corrections before the claim is sent to payers. Minimize manual work and reduce the cost to collect. 

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Remit Manager™

Remit Manager™ is a solution designed to simplify the complexities of electronic remittance advices, cash posting, and denial management. Remit Manager™ systematically reconciles and balances hospital ERAs to bank deposits, and posts transactions back to any patient accounting or HIS/EHR/EMR system.


Denial Management

Manage denials and obtain the crucial payment information and analytics Revenue Cycle Leadership needs.

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Reimbursement Manager™

Reimbursement Manager™ accurately calculates and tracks expected payments from all payers, manages payer contracts, and features contract modeling and sophisticated reporting for renegotiating with payers to write the most profitable contracts your market will allow.


Contract Management

Compare each payer contract to rates negotiated in previous years as well as to all its peers. Adjust negotiating strategies based on where current rates for services fall compared to other contracts with similar rate types.

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Direct EDI Claim Submission Service

Direct EDI Claim Submission with Provider to Payer Direct Connects bypass non-required clearinghouses whenever possible. Cirius perform multiple follow-up services including claim tracking, re-submissions, reconciliation management, and correcting rejections.


Direct EDI

Cirius has long-standing relationships will major payers such as Medicare, Medicaid, CIGNA, Blue Shield, and many others. We help our partners determine the best fit for their organization based on payer mix.

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Cirius is so effective that close to 50% of the billing staff has been reallocated and production quality has significantly increased; over 99% of claims are accepted on the first submission and denials are less than 1% across all payers - the UB04 claims are extremely clean and free of errors.
Blond Girl
We did it! We collected $44M over our cash goal for FY 19 including hitting our cash goal for a straight 12 months and collecting an all-time high for Physician Billing. Everyone has done an amazing job and FY 20 is even going to be better. Thank you again for everything.
Guy w vest
El Camino Health
With Cirius we submitted clean claims with only a 1% to 2% rejection rate at the payers. The staff is happy, Billers are touching 12% - 19% of daily claims (This includes Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Claims). I can’t say enough about the Cirius Group. Best product on the market. I have been in the A/R management arena for almost 30 years and this product works.
344 Bed Hospital

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