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"Having a system flexible enough to build your own edits is key... everyone’s charge description master (CDM) is different and Prebill allows you to manipulate standardized charge data to meet the adjudication requirements of payers while simultaneously providing an audit trail or crosswalk back to the original services represented in the medical record."

109 Beds

Tennessee Health System

"Cash improvements achieved FY 17, exceeded cash target by $45M. FY 18, exceeded cash target by $60M. Another benefit has been a drop in average net A/R days by 12%!"

443 Beds

California Health System

“My staff and I attribute claims getting paid sooner to the Cirius Prebill system. Since we replaced the other vendor our entire volume of claims sent out daily has few, if any, claim errors”

743 Beds

Academic Health System

"The system is very user friendly and an easy product to train any new staff on. Your consultant went above and beyond my expectations in teaching us the proper usage of the Prebill System.”

2,412 Beds

Health System in VA

"The first time we submitted to Medicare we got paid over $5 Million... It has been AMAZING! At the time, we were averaging closer to $3M... We used to have trouble keeping up with our T-Status work list at Medicare and now it is virtually non-existent."

241 Beds

Northern CA Hospital

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After their experience with another vendor for three years - Augusta Returns to Cirius and Rolls Out the Red Carpet

Welcome Back Cirius!

"We did it! We collected $44M over our cash goal for FY 19 including hitting our cash goal for a straight 12 months and collecting an all-time high for Physician Billing. Everyone has done an amazing job and FY 20 is even going to be better. Thank you again for everything."

443 Beds

CA Health System

"After the 45th day of Cirius system implementation, we began to notice a change in our cash… our cash began to rise and the first month we collected $20,000,000, the month after that $21,000,000 and we have continued to collect over $20,000,000 since that date. We directly attribute this to the fact that we are now sending out clean claims."

318 Beds

Southern CA Health System

“Cirius Group, Inc. is just the best... Their software enables us to process a huge volume of complex claims with minimum staff."

690 Beds

Leading Cancer Center

“In the remittance/cash posting area we have made significant staff reductions using the Cirius ERA payment posting software. Today I have only 2 manual cash posters compared to approx 10 staff members we had previously.”

1,087 Beds

Academic Health System

"This system is so effective that close to 50% of the billing staff has been reallocated and production quality has significantly increased; over 99% of claims are accepted on the first submission and denials are less than 1% across all payers - the claims are extremely clean of errors."

6,122 Beds

Academic Health System in PA

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